KLEIO nv heritage consultants / conseils-experts en patrimoine - heritage consultants
Erfgoedconsulenten - Heritage consultants - Experts-conseils en patrimoine


Bundling of expertise

Kleio nv combines the expertises and strengths of its independent partners,
who are each specialised in their discipline, and who obey to a common mission and code of ethics

Each project is carried out by a specific and specialised team, often operating on a low budget.

Kleio nv stands for years of experience, a rich research and documentation library, and a extensive network of expert contacts.

Thanks to its unique business and organisationsl model Kleio nv is extremely well situated to offer services to even weak and small-scale heritage initiatives and associations, in Flanders and abroad.

Kleio nv sticks firmly to its code of ethics,
and never ever will never knowingly formulate and advise or act harmfully to the heritage.


Heritage is unique, not renewable, not replaceable.





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