KLEIO nv heritage consultants / conseils-experts en patrimoine - heritage consultants
Erfgoedconsulenten - Heritage consultants - Experts-conseils en patrimoine


 Who is KLEIO ?

Kleio heritage consultants
is an advisory, guidance and counselling group for cultural heritage and cultural history, established in 1992.

Kleio nv is offering advises in the following areas:
conservation and adaptive re-use of historic buidings,
museum planning and development,
interpretation and presentation planning,
heritage management, ...

Our starting points are always the values of heritage
Kleio nv takes the view that heritage is a not replaceable, not renewable and not interchangeable base material,
representing unique historical, cultural and social values,
offering chances to generate important social, cultural and economic development processes -
but under the condition that one approaches heritage with sensity and respect

Kleio nv is the only heritage consulting group in Belgium who's activities are ruled by a strict code of ethics.
This code of ethics is binding for every collaborator of Kleio and for every partner in one of our project teams. Kleio nv is taking care to prevent any act incompatible with the code of ethics.

Kleio nv has a large library and documentation center which can be used by all partners of Kleio and by the members of our project teams. Kleio nv can fall back on a large and specialised network. Partners of Kleio and its scientific board do invest a lot of efforts in taking part in internation conferences and training courses, they visit trade shows and exhibitions. Kleio nv has subscriptions to all major newsletters and journals in different languages.
Kleio nv keeps abreast of the most recent developments and evolutions in heritage mater.
This explains we are extremely well placed to research and propose ideal solutions for problems concerning conservation, restoration, interpretation and management of heritage. And why we always can offer most up-to-date visions and guidance.

Kleio nv works with partners. These are freelance fellows who join our teams when their imput is needed. Since years they have given proof of their practical and scientific knowledge in disciplines as history, art history, architecture, interior architecture, management, etc.

This means why we can guarantee 'the right (wo)man on the right place'.




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